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The package of AVARD’s activities has evolved through comprehensive consultations in its fora over the years, taking into account relevant factors such as (a) what members expect from AVARD, (b) what is AVARD’s own perception of its role and functions, and (c) in the current context and environment what is generally expected from a national ‘association’ (network) like AVARD? Thus, its two-pronged activities of networking and capability-building are organised as follows:
(A)    Networking :
Multilevel multipronged networking of voluntary organisations (VOs), bottom-up;
conferences/seminars/workshops: National, Zonal and State level;
policy advocacy on selected vital issues as arising; and
multi-dimensional information-sharing/ clearing house functions.
(B)    Capacity Building :
Need-based training of trainers (VO functionaries);
professional assistance in planning and implementation : Directly and through networking;
need-based general guidance on programme development, legal issues, policies and strategies, networking, and problem-solving as well as liaison; and
AVARD, as a national network, generally extends need-based professional and promotional assistance to its member organizations to enable them to improve their performance as well as to strengthen voluntary action in the process. However, it may also undertake directly a couple of field projects, in partnership with local voluntary agencies where feasible, to test innovative ideas and approaches and/or demonstrate and disseminate some thing unique and useful. Its activities cover the whole of India with focus on the underdeveloped States/regions.
  • AVARD’s current Strategic Plan (2012-17), ‘Gram Swaraj – Quest Continues’ takes into consideration the current context and the policy of ‘change with continuity’. Accordingly, it retains the primary focus on Gram Swaraj (village self-rule) as hitherto; and
  • includes land and livelihood, development policies, studies and publications, value based voluntary action, and networking related activities
In Gram Swaraj, while focusing on adequate empowerment of Gram Panchayats with devolution of functions, functionaries and financies to them, attention would shift to activity mapping, matching budgetary support, participatory micro-planning, capacity building, accountability and transparency, popular participation especially of the disadvantaged sections, implementation of the Provisions of Panchayats (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act (PESA),1996 in Schedule V tribal areas, monitoring of activities by people, use of social audit and Right To Information, action research, advocacy, activating local voluntary organisations to extend enabling assistance to Gram Panchayats.
Sub-thrust areas such as :
  • Women’s empowerment and empowerment of other disadvantaged sections (Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, Minorities, etc);
  • Poverty reduction and employment generation;
  • Sustainable agriculture and food self-reliance;
  • Gender equity, social justice and basic human needs;
  • Human rights;
  • Improved rural technologies;
  • Environment; and
  • Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at large will be covered along with the primary focus on Gram Swaraj.
As regards land and livelihood, AVARD would focus on: :
  • Access of the disadvantaged sections such as women, Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, etc to land with tenurial security
  • Monitoring of land reforms in Bihar based on the Report of the Bihar State Land Reforms Commission;
  • The Land Acquition, Rehabilitation And Resettlement Bill, 2011 introduced in the Parliament (subsequently passed and became an Act);
  • The National Food Security Bill, 2011 introduced in the Parliament (subsequently passed, became an Act and is being implemented); and
  • Right To Food, food self-reliance/security, and fighting hunger and malnutrition
Similarly, other items such as development policies, studies and publications, networking, and value-based voluntary action would be covered with contextual adaptations where needed.
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