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The General Body, consisting of all the members, is the supreme forum.
Initiation of programmes, administration, management, supervision, and funds are vested in an elected and representative Executive Committee comprising about 21 members including the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and General Secretary, besides some invitees.
In addition, functional advisory committees in vital areas are constituted when needed.
to facilitate interchange of ideas and experiences;
Besides, there is a ‘vidvatparishad’ (think tank) to advise on larger conceptual and policy issues.
The General Secretary, assisted by an inter-disciplinary team of professionals and a secretariat, implements the decisions and carries on day-to-day work.
Considering the size of, and diversities in, the country, autonomous multilevel multipronged networks of voluntary agencies are being promoted for more effective networking. AVARD would have active cooperation with these networks while maintaining its direct link with grassroot voluntary agencies.
AVARD will have the following categories of membership:
i) Organisational Member
  • Any voluntary organization or institution actively engaged in any form of rural development or contributing in any manner to the promotion of the aims and objects of AVARD shall be eligible for membership of AVARD subject to the acceptance of the Executive Committee.
  • Specialised institutions in various social and economic fields having bearing on rural development, mainly the institutions engaged in training, research and education, etc shall be eligible for the membership or AVARD subject to the acceptance of the Executive Committee.
ii) Individual Member
The Executive Committee may on its own motion admit individuals in recognition of their distinguished service in the field of rural development as Individual Member of AVARD.
iii) Associate Institutional Member
Institutions, which are engaged in related activities not covered by the above clauses and are desirous of being associated with the work of AVARD, shall be eligible for the associate institutional membership of AVARD subject to the acceptance of the Executive Committee.
iv) Donor Member
Any organization or institution paying a sum of Rs.5000/- or above per annum will be referred to as Donor Member. Such organization or institution will not, however, be entitled to any special rights or privileges other than those of the membership category to which it belongs.
v) Life Member
Any institution or organization as defined under clause (i) & (iii) paying a sum of Rs.1000/- or more lump sum shall be eligible for the Life Membership of AVARD subject to the acceptance of the Executive Committee.
Fee for Membership
a All members, other than individual members, on enrolment, shall pay an admission fee of Rs.10 besides their annual subscription.
b The minimum* annual subscription would be:
i Organisational Member Rs. 100/- per annum
ii Individual Member Nil
iii Associate Institutional Member Rs. 100/- per annum
iv Donor Member Rs. 5000/- per annum
v Life Member Rs. 1000/- or more lump sum.
The above are the minimum rates of annual subscription for the membership of AVARD so as to enable the largest number of organizations to become members of AVARD. Members belonging to all categories are, however, expected to pay larger amounts as annual subscription according to their capacity
State-Wise Members of AVARD
(as on 31st March 2014)
S.No State Members (No.):
Organisations :
Individual Life Ordianary Total
1. Andhra Pradesh 01 09   10
2. Assam - 08 02 10
3. Bihar - 56 02 58
4. Chandigarh - - - -
5. Chhattisgarh - 03 - 03
6. Delhi 04 09 - 13
7. Gujarat 03 21 - 24
8. Haryana - - - -
9. Jammu & Kashmir - - - -
10. Jharkhand - 10 - 10
11. Karnataka - 09 - 09
12. Kerala - 03 - 03
13. Madhya Pradesh - 07 - 07
14. Maharashtra 01 19 01 21
15. Manipur 01 08 - 09
16. Nagaland - 01 - 01
17. Orissa 01 17 01 19
18. Rajasthan - 11 - 11
19. Tamil Nadu - 07 - 07
20. Tripura - - 01 01
21. Uttarakhand - 03 01 04
22. Uttar Pradesh 02 44 03 49
23. West Bengal - 67 05 72
Total     : 13 312 16 341
Details about specific members can be obtained from AVARD. These members together cover the entire gamut of rural development.
The General Body ordinarily meets once in two-three years. The Executive Committee meets at least twice a year. Functional advisory committees and Vidvatparishad (Think Tank) meet more frequently, when required. Besides, AVARD organizes seminars, conferences and workshops on relevant subjects to strengthen voluntary action, Panchayati Raj and people- centred rural reconstruction, in which a cross-section of member and non-member organizations are provided still more frequent opportunities to participate.
President : P.M. Tripathi
Vice-President : Narayan Bhai
Treasurer : Bharat Bhushan
General Secretary : Surendra Kumar
Members : Haesh Kumar Bhatt, Biju Barboruah, Chandra Bhushan, V.P. Chaturvedi, Pyare Lal, Girija-Satish, Rahima Khatun, Aditya Patnaik, Rama Singh, Narayan Lal Ameta, Krishna Bisht, C.P. Kushwaha, Murlidhar Chandram, Haresh Shah, B. Sri Ram Murty, M.R. Rajgopalan, and B. Mishra.
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